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Abil was a demon and one of the many foes encountered in the 'Devilman' manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.


Abil was a tall lean demon with reddish pink skin and large blue bat wings, he had dark spiked hair and a large tendril at the back. Unlike his original incarnation, Abil had dark lines around his eyes and pupils.


Abil was capable of flight and could emit flames at will. He was lighting fast and packed a strong punch.


Abil was a cruel scheming demon, he used crass language and wished to see Devilman broken and defeated at his feet.


Abil was summoned by Lord Zennon to assist the sculptor demon Zool, who had the ability to create puppets that would kill whoever they were made in figure of when destroyed. Abil was set the task of stealing a portrait of the one Akira Fudo loved the most, Miki Makimura.

Abil stole a painting of Miki from a pretentious art student named Iwao Himura, Akira tried to stop the fire devil but Abil proved to fast and quickly fled back to his icy domain. Once there he gave the portrait to Zool, who in turn used it to create a clay puppet from. Zool then excitedly began to torture the model but was stopped from going any further by Abil, who planned to destroy the doll in front of Devilman in order to break his spirit.

After Akira had figured out Abil's plan he rushes to confront the demon at Zool's home, sensing his approaching presence, Abil orders to get the doll ready as he went out to fight Devilman, however the scatter brained demon had managed to loose it. Abil and Devilman fight, with the wicked devil overwhelming Devilman with his flames, but as the fight draws on Devilman gets the upper hand, Abil wanders why Zool never arrived with the doll before he is torn in half with Devil Thunder. Afterwards Devilman confronts Zool who was still looking for the model of Miki, before beating the demon down and killing him.