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Act 1 - Summons is the first chapter of the crossover manga Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: BREAKDOWN, by Akihito Yoshitomi.


The story begins with Akira Fudo suddenly alert as he is surrounded by the nine cyborgs, headed by Joe Shimamura. The two trade blows causing a huge explosion to occur, the fate of the two unknown as the other cyborgs look on.

Three days earlier, Akira wakes to the face of Ryo Asuka. Akira looks around confused by his strange laboratory-like surroundings and Ryo guesses that the two had fallen through the Timeslip again. Akira then notices the presence of other figures in the room, headed by a rough looking man named Kokurei in tears as he prays towards his saviour Lord Amon. He introduces himself as a member of Black Ghost and states he was responsible for bringing them both here. Before Akira can respond properly, Ryo ushers him to a window and Akira see's a massive crowd of battered, starving people in similar prayer to Kokurei as he realises that this is Future Tokyo. Kokurei then tells them about the "Nine Demon Cyborgs" that plunged the world into hell.

Several miles away in a human settlement, the people live in relative bliss with a freshwater oasis and construction of fresh shelter underway. Joe sits by himself pondering what had caused the current state of the world. Jet Link and Albert Heinrich approach and tell him that it was likely "the devil" that Dr. Gilmore discovered in his research, which he believed to be lurking in the area. Though Joe couldn't shake his doubts. Below Francoise, dressed in her swimsuit, tells him to relax before going for a swim in the surrounding pool. Joe laughs. Suddenly a strange bubble begins forming mid-air, the cyborgs ready to attack before Francoise tells them to relax having spotted a girl inside. The bubble bursts and she falls into the water next to Francoise, who quickly rescues her. The girl is revealed to be Miki Makimura, who quickly regains her senses and demands of the bewildered Francoise to know where Akira was. As Miki begins to take in her surroundings she wonders just what was happening.