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Act 2 - Offence and Defence is the second chapter of the crossover manga 'Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: BREAKDOWN'.


Lord Kokurei introduces Ryo and Akira to a young girl named Mayumi, who serves as a guide to the pair, and tells them about the 'Nine Devil Cyborgs' and the fresh water oasis they guard some miles away. It is then revealed the members of surviving members of Black Ghost were all in fact Devilmen. Akira realises that the Cyborgs didn't know or didn't care about the differentiation between the two.

Meanwhile Miki talks to Dr. Gilmore and the Cyborg crew as they theorise that were flung into the future of a alternate timeline, when Dr. Rainuma joins the discussion, Miki begins to think she's on a hidden camera tv show before Francoise sits her down. The cyborgs are distrusting of Rainuma, questioning why he brought them here and the doctor confesses that they were here once before and to check the bottom of the nearby reservoir for proof. Pyunma goes to check just as a civilian rushes in and tells them of approaching demons.

Akira and Ryo lead a peaceful march towards the human city, but are attacked by the human settlers as they begin chucking down spears and boulders, Akira tries to keep things calm but the Devilmen begins to transform and retaliate as chaos quickly breaks out. Rainuma, Miki and the Cyborgs all watch on a video stream, and the cyborgs decide to try and settle matters. Miki spots Ryo and Akira and tries to follow them, but is suddenly stuck with a needle by Rainuma, knocking her out.

Outside, Akira see's the humans using firearms and hitting his people, his anger furthered by comments from Mayumi causes him to transform, just as the cyborgs arrive. Meanwhile, Pyunma discovers the gravestones of this worlds version of the cyborgs, at the floor of the resivour.