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Act 3 - Encounter is the third chapter of the crossover manga 'Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: BREAKDOWN'.


As Black Ghost continues their attack on the human oasis, Akira is confronted by Dr. Rainuma, who holds a knife to an unconscious Miki's throat. Akira launches himself at Rainuma but is set upon by the successive attacks of units 009, 002, 004, 006 and 005. Ryo fires at Joe, but accidently hits Francoise instead, bringing a brief pause to the attacks. As Ryo checks on Akira, Great Britain snatches Ryo's gun away while disguised as a Devilman, sprouts wings and flies away. Suddenly the oasis is flooded by Pyunma opening the dam, and Akira and Ryo are submerged in the water. The battle ceased, Joe looks to Francoise as Ryo carries a unconcious Akira away.

Recovered, the Cyborgs confront Dr. Rainuma about his earlier actions, buckling Rainuma tells him of Miki's expected and violent fate at the hands of a bloodthirsty mob. Suddenly Miki awakes, and with a single kick she knocks Rainuma clean out, leaving him twitching on the floor.

Elsewhere, Mayumi brings Ryo and Akira to the grave of her worlds Miki. She tells them that she died at the hands of the Cyborgs, and Ryo deduces that they needed to return back in time once more. As Akira screams, Ivan wakes from a nap with a vison, that if they kept on their current course of action, the nine of them would die, with the first grave being Francoise's.