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Adal was a large puppeteering spider like demon who was controlling various people across Japan, most of whom were high ranking officials. He was the primary antagonist of the nineteenth episode of the anime.


Adal was a massive grey spider like demon. His lower body resembled a massive spider with a black head, four legs and covered in orange stripes, he had two long arms and blank white eyes, a pair of mandibles and antenna.

Powers and Abilities[]

Adal could control Dummys from the sky, he could alter their appearance to look like real people, and make them sound and act like them to. Adal could also shoot web from his mouth and fly.


Adal was a proud member of the Demon Tribe, he seemed to target Tare more for amusement than to spite Devilman.


Adal had been around for a long length of time, controlling many various people across the world, mainly politicians and news men.

After Tare runs away thinking he had killed his older sister Miki which was actually one of Adal's Dummys, a dummy of Miho convinces Tare to try and commit suicide however he realises it to be a fake and tries to escape. Meanwhile Devilman finds the source of the Dummy's and flies into the clouds to combat Adal, they fight in the sky, Adal traps Devilman in some webbing but he escapes and Adal falls onto some rocks, Adal lunges at Devilman but is sliced into pieces by Devilman's Devil Arrow.

Adal now only a head threatens Devilman with his dying breath before passing. When dead all the dummy's across the world are engulfed into flames and destroyed.


  • For an unknown reason Adal was renamed Damon in the Italian dub of the TV series.
  • In the manga Cutie Honey 90's, The villain Tarantula Claw has an appearance and powers similar to Adal.