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Adal was a arachnid-like demon and the chief antagonist in chapter three of the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta alongside Zaldover.


Adal was a large spider-like demon, his body was covered in jagged markings, he had small eyes and pointed antenna with a large set of mandibles in place of his mouth. His back was hunched over and he had long arms. The lower half of his body resembled a large hairy spider with four legs and a head at the front with two large gleaming eyes.


Adal was capable of flight and could move silently in the night. He was capable of emitting a thick suffocating web, which he had planned to use in his failed assassination of Akira Fudo.


Adal was a vicious demon, but one that showed a strong sense of camaraderie or possibly even love towards his fellow demon assassin Zaldover, his final thoughts before death being of her.


Late one night, the spider Adal flew down from the moonlit sky to meet with Zaldover, the two having planned to assassinate Devilman in his sleep. With that, the two put their plan into action. 

Adal crept into Akira's room and dangled down from the ceiling before casting off his web, intending to suffocate him as he slept, however Fudo sensed Adal's presence and darted from his bed, grabbing a ceremonial sword hang from a wall as he did so. Akira tossed the sword at Adal, stabbing him through his chest and weakening the demon. Scoffing at his easy hit, Akira then grabs the sword, pulling it from Adal's body before decapitating the cruel spider. Adal's final thoughts being his partner Zaldover.