Adolf Hitler was the real-world and infamous German politician who ran the Nazi party and later became the Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. During that time he was the major instigator in the eruption of WWII during which he slaughtered millions of innocents among his enemies and own people. The character in Shin Devilman takes some liberties to his character.


In the Shin story he was a young man in his early twenties/late teens with a tall thin figure and neat combed hair.


In the story Adolf was an antisocial and arrogant young man, he was however very generous and refused to take advantage of people. He had a somewhat uneasy relationship with his mentor Harnisch and was infatuated with the beauty Stephanie.


Adolf is encountered by Akira and Ryo during their first time trip to Germany, they follow Harnisch back to his studio believing that Harnisch had recently been in contact with a demon. They look around finding a picture of the beautiful Stephanie before deciding to leave.

Later they both notice the two artists walking over to a large mansion. It is revealed that Adolf was to sell his painting of Stephanie to the chairman of the local Jewish bank Schultz. When they arrive and exchange the money Adolf realizes he had been given too much however when he arrives he discovers Schultz destroying the painting and that Stephanie was crying in the corner, Adolf steps in but Schultz turns around and transforms into his true demon form before grabbing Stephanie and setting her ablaze. Schultz begins to taunt him before Akira comes in crashing through the roof and promptly kills the demon as Devilman. 

Afterwards Adolf begins to walk home, shaken and horrified at what had happened before running into Harnisch who asks what had happened. He tells Schultz to get out of the way saying he was going to try and kill every last Jewish person alive.


  • There are unsurprisingly several inaccuracies in the story:
    • The primary being the fact that while he wanted to be an artist, in real life he could not draw people or faces and was only ever good at landscape and scenery pictures.
    • History also dictates that Hitler's propaganda against the Jewish populations were because of his sociopathy and as a scapegoat for political power.
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