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Akira riding upon Agira

Agira in Devilman

The colossal devilman Agira served as Akira Fudo's battle stallion at the end of Devilman. In a Neo Devilman story by Ken Ishikawa, his background is expanded, and is shown to be constantly adapting and growing, being built from a countless number of organisms ranging from human to devilman to demon, including the colossal demon Lamygdol.

  • Agira (Manga): Akira's stallion into battle against the demon forces of Satan. He was a powerful Devilman that managed to merge and dominate many demons when growing to his mighty size.
  • Agira (Crybaby): Agira serves a similar role here with a slight redesign.
  • Agira (Gekiman!): The mighty demon plays a similar role as his original appearance in the semi auto-biographical manga.

See Also[]

  • Bugo: An amorphous demon, from Mazinger Z vs Devilman, who takes a flying form similar to Agira's Devilman form.
  • Lamygdol: The demon who forms the main body of Agira's Devilman form