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Aguilar is the secondary antagonist in the twelfth episode of the Devilman anime. Aguilar was closer to a wild animal with a savage and brutal personality.


Aguilar was a massive demon with a dark golden skin colour, he had scales covering most of his body, and two heads, one draconian and the other like a lion. He walked on all fours and fins going down his spine with a large fish like tail.

Powers and Abilities[]

Aguilar was able to emit electrical bolts and could fly, he also had an incredibly tough body, his only weak spot being his tail.


Aguilar was more like an animal than a thinking person, he was rabid and unintelligent. He did however fear the demonZannin shying away in fear from him, but it did have a friendship with the fire sprite Faim despite her teasing of him.


Zennon summoned Faim to gather Aguilar for Zannin, she does so and begins to ride the beast to him, however on the lengthy journey she falls asleep and later awakens only to find themselves halfway there. Annoyed she sparks a light on his tail causing him to flail about in pain. 

Eventually they arrive and Zannin rides Aguilar to the city and begins to attack, wreaking much of the cityscape. Faim angered by Zannin's actions later follows them back to his cave, only to find Aguilar chained and abused, feeling sorry for the beast she free's him and the two fly away, however Zannin finds out and follows them and he tortures Faim before going out on another attack on the city.

As they attack and destroy, they gain the attention of Devilman who transforms and goes in to attack. Zannin falls off in the battle and Devilman and Aguilar square off, however Devilman remembers Aguilar's weak spot in his tail and goes around and uses the Devil Chop on it before it cracks and begins to bleed. Aguilar shrieks in pain before spinning down to the ground, impacting and exploding.