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Agwel was a small amorphous demon who appeared in CB Chara Go Nagai World.


Agwel was a squat, yellow-brown–colored demon who, according to Akira, resembled a piece of poo. He had stubby arms and legs and a small pair of antenna.

Powers and Abilities[]

Agwel could move through solid objects as well as put objects in them. He had a tangible body that meant he would always revert back to his initial shape.


After Akira and Jinmen arrive at Sirene's and Ghelmer's home in search of Miki, they are attacked by Agwel, who causes them to fall off of a ledge. Thinking he had defeated Devilman, Agwel shouts in victory. To his surprise though, Akira flies back up, then uses a Devil Kick to knock him off the ledge instead. His impact on the ground below creates a large cloud of smoke.

When Akira and Jinmen get inside, they find themselves in a large room with a spire in its center, surrounded by a deep pit. Agwel, now with his head bandaged, rushes at them but is knocked into the pit by another kick from Akira.

After Akira and Jinmen fall into the pit during their attempts to scale the room's spire, Agwel appears for a third and final time. Now covered head toe in bandages and walking with a crutch, he runs up to attack Akira, who hops out of the way. Agwel falls, and Akira says a brief prayer for him.