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Agwel was a small, but highly deadly demon who could turn his surroundings tangible, he helps Sirene in trying to kill Devilman but is killed in the process.


Agwel was a tiny squat slime covered demon, with many various tentacles across its body, he had a pair of antenna on its forehead a large mouth lined with sharp teeth and three glowing eyes.

Powers and Abilities[]

Agwel could make his entire body and his surrondings tangible to his will.


Agwel was summoned by the beautiful demoness Sirene to try and kill Akira Fudo and the Makimura family alongside the water manipulating demon Ghelmer, whilst Ghelmer goes and attacks Miki Makimura in the bath, Agwel goes and attacks the rest of the family, absorbing Akiko and Kozo Makimua into the walls. Akira realizing something to be wrong comes looking for Miki but is greeted by Agwels victims he finds Tare and sends him to his room to hide, he goes to find Miki and is attacked by Gelmer, Agwel tries to trap Akira by pulling him into the floor a few times before eventually revealing himself and  attacking, but Akira who was in mid Devilman transformation uses his antenna to wrap around Agwel's neck and rips him in half killing Agwel.