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Akira Fudo is one of the multiple protagonists in the crossover manga 'Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: BREAKDOWN', whereupon he suddenly finds himself as the new leader of the remnants of Black Ghost, locked in combat against the 'nine devil cyborgs'.


In his human form, Akira was an average-tho-muscular young man with short dark hair and heavy eyelashes. In his Devilman form however, he stood several meters tall with heavy fur on his legs, long tail and lower forearms. Either side of his neck were two stripes and he had a large set of wings on his back. Two bat-like ears poked out of the sides of his head and he had small antenna on top.


Akira was immensely strong, capable of flight and moving at such speeds he easily matched Joe Shimamura's cybernetically enhanced speed.


Akira is true of heart and good natured, concerned about the plight of the Black Ghost survivors. He shows care for his friends, and despite initially seeing the Cyborgs as a enemy, is able to get over it and become allies instead.


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