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Akira Fudō (不動明 Fudo Akira?) is the main protagonist of the Devilman Crybaby anime series. Once a regular human, he gained the power of the demon Amon after being inducted into a Sabbath ritual organized by his best friend Ryo Asuka.


Akira was originally a weak, young boy with an average build for a teenager. He was rather scrawny with brown hair which possessed a small tuft near the back. After he first transformed into Devilman, his human form became lean yet sturdy, accompanied with dark eyeliner and black, messy hair. He also grew noticeably taller with a notable cleft chin.

In his Devilman form, his skin becomes a shade of bluish gray. He possesses a coat of dark fur that covers his entire legs, and he has clawed feet and fingers. His head is covered in hair that sprouts small wings from the sides and antenna near the top, and forms into a widow's peak with a red forehead. His back sprouts large black wings resembling those of a stereotypical devil with a purple interior. He also has a thin monkey-like tail.


This incarnation of Akira is a quite sensitive and caring person. As a child, he would help anyone to the best of his ability, including the young Ryo Asuka after he had lost his memories, as well as a critically injured cat. Most people knew him as a "crybaby" who would cry on anyone's behalf, including people he had never met and even those who had bottled up their own emotions, as he was able to cry on Ryo's behalf despite Ryo's inability to feel sadness for himself, as well as cry on behalf of Koda who had suppressed his emotions at the time. Akira's caring side, however, would lead him to do many questionable things, such as following Miki in secret supposedly for her well being and blindly following the morally questionable actions of Ryo Asuka.

Most people had wondered why Akira had joined and stayed on the track team in spite of being the slowest track member. This was potentially tied to "catching up" with his parents as symbolized through his own thoughts about running in their direction, as well as keeping a pair of running shoes his mother gave him for their intended meeting.

Akira would become quite cocky after his initial Devilman transformation, openly challenging thugs to a fight and entering a track race with no worries. His actions would begin to derive from a place of abnormal instinct, including intense sexual desires towards attractive women, going so far as to watch a porn video at full volume inside his school's projector room. His appetite increased substantially as well, as he is shown to consume large amounts of food in one sitting. It is implied due to the remarks made by his classmates that Akira's personality significantly changed after his transformation; Despite this, he would retain his old caring side and his previous nature, as he would use his powers to help defend the human race from the demons and would continue to outwardly show his emotions derived from his empathy throughout the series.

Akira would later develop a strong hatred for the demons after bearing witness to their actions of killing and immorality. This was accented when his parents were killed off by Jinmen. However, after his encounter with Sirene and Kaim, Akira would understand the ability to love in the otherwise bloodthirsty demonic creatures, showing empathy towards them despite his negative emotions.

Akira shows a strong sense of loyalty and care towards his loved ones, such as towards his friend, Miki Makimura. They were both shown to have displayed genuine care and affection towards one another since early childhood. He was quite protective of her against people such as Koji Nagasaki and Ryo, suspecting that they may have tried to take advantage of her or sought to cause harm to her, respectively. It was highly apparent that Miki was Akira's main hope for humanity. After witnessing her dismembered head paraded on a pike by a crazed mob, his faith completely shattered. With this, Akira would bury Miki's head, and with that, his hope for the betterment of humans.

Akira also valued his friendship with Ryo Asuka, viewing him as one of his best friends. Akira and Ryo's relationship, for the most part, appeared to be lighthearted. Akira was seen to have teased Ryo at times, pushing him into doing activities for fun, such as when he pressured Ryo into using the pool at his apartment- promptly shoving him into it despite Ryo's objective efforts. However, he and Ryo engaged in major disagreements throughout the series, as Akira became displeased with Ryo's willingness to harm or kill anyone, even including Miki, to further his plans and protect Akira's identity.

Even so, Akira trusted Ryo to end his life if he ever became anything like a demon. When Ryo ultimately betrayed Akira by revealing all of the footage he took of him as Devilman and starting the chaos around the world, Akira was deeply hurt. This was even more apparent when Ryo revealed that he had orchestrated for Akira to be possessed by Amon so that Akira would be strong enough to survive the upcoming apocalypse- and that Ryo was actually the fallen angel Satan. As Akira was furious at his friend-turned-enemy for driving the world into chaos, they would fight against each other, but in the end, Akira would die in the battle that ensued.


Before his Devilman transformation, Akira was not very physically impressive, being the slowest member of the track club.

After becoming Devilman, his body was enhanced to superhuman levels. In his human state, he was able to run at very high speeds, faster than professional athletes, and his enhanced strength allowed him to force locked doors open and defeat five thugs with only one arm.

As Devilman, his strength, speed, and reflexes allow him to tear through enemies before they have the chance to react. His jaw strength alone is capable of tearing the flesh from bodies. His claws allow him to slice through enemies with great ease. The horns on his head also improve his sense of hearing, allowing him to sense incoming projectiles based on sounds and air pressure. The wings on his back slow Devilman's fall, allow a high leap into the air, and enable gliding or flight across long distances. Devilman also manifests different abilities depending on situations including elastic limbs, night vision, and increasing his body temperature to the point of making Ghelmer evaporate or using it outwardly to cause an explosion. He has also demonstrated the ability to spew a massive beam of fire from his mouth, only ever having used this once on a mob of deranged humans who killed his friends.


Akira was born to the doctors Reijiro and Kaori Fudo. He lived a sad but decent childhood. When his parents left him for work, Akira was left in the care of Kaori's friends, the Makimura family. With them, Akira often acted as a member of the family, especially a big brother figure towards Taro. Akira would eventually enroll in Kamigaku's track team with Miki, becoming the slowest member but never departing from the team.

At some point, he would meet the young Ryo Asuka and become his best friend in spite of Ryo's coldness towards life. The two would remain friends until their eventual departure when Ryo was taken under the custody of Psycho Jenny. The remainder of Akira's childhood is vague and left untouched upon in the series, aside from events concerning his relationship with Ryo and the Makimuras.

Once reunited with his childhood friend after attempting to protect Miki from a malicious gang, Akira would begin to follow the mysterious intentions of Ryo, remaining alongside him despite being told of the existence of demons. It was then when he would be taken into a Sabbath party and forced by Ryo to assimilate with the demon Amon in order to become Devilman. Akira was unknowing to the fact that this would happen prior to entering the Sabbath, unlike his earlier counterpart. Akira would proceed to murder the remaining demons inside the party, which had already been reduced to chaotic shambles around him, ultimately saving Ryo and himself from imminent danger. Footage of him doing so would later be used against him during the betrayal of humanity as orchestrated by Ryo.

Returning to Kamigaku the next day, Akira's mysteriously evolved physique was rumored among nearly the entire school. His new personality and physical makeup made him the center of attention for female students. He displayed a massive appetite, gourmandizing himself with endless amounts of cafeteria food, and a somewhat increasingly perverted nature, watching adult videos in his school's projector room while ignoring the warnings of some paranoid students. Above all, he became the fastest member of the track team, being able to reach the end of the track in only 10 seconds.

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