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Akira Fudo is the main protagonist in the two Devilman OVA's directed by Umanosuke Iida. He is a Devilman who fused with the mighty demon Amon and became a fighter for the sake of humanity.


Akira has dark black hair with sideburns. He had brown eyes and, by the time of the second OVA, had a rather muscular physique. As Devilman, he became somewhat larger than a normal human and grew large bat-like ears with a red crest at the front of his head and a pair of antennae. He had long marks above his shoulders that ran from his chest to his back and grew black fur and a tail below his waist line.


Before his transformation, Akira was a kind and timid boy but would show a face of bravery when it was called for. Afterwards, however he became a whole lot more brave and confident, and in some cases perverse. He had romantic feelings for his friend Miki and was best friends with Ryo Asuka.

He also believed outright in the good of humanity, before the same people he was fighting for killed Miki. Eventually allowing for the demon Amon to temporarily take control.


Akira had large bundles of strength and claws to match for close combat. As well being a great fighter, he could fly and emit beams from his forehead. His antennae were capable of discharging electricity.


Akira had a pretty average life; despite that, his parents were killed by demons. Akira still studied and even got a girlfriend, however Akira's life changed when his old friend, Ryo returned. Ryo told Akira that demons are real and will attack humans. Akira and Ryo weren't powerful enough to kill demons, so the only way to destroy a demon was to become a demon. Akira took a part in Sabbath, a party thrown for the purpose of establishing bonds between humans and demons. Every single human who attended the party turned into a demon, however, when the demon named "Amon" tried to posses Akira, he failed. Akira took control and became Devilman.