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Akira Fudo (不動明 Fudō Akira?) in which he joined forces with the Getter Team to battle against the combined forces of Emperor Gore and Sirene's armies.


Akira wore all black clothing, he had black hair with sideburns. As Devilman he had blue skin, legs covered in hair and sharp nails. He had bat like wings on his head with antenna and a red mark in the centre.


Akira's personality is more reminiscent of the anime incarnation, being overly protective of his girlfriend Miki Makimura. However after getting more comfortable with someone he would start to get along better with them.


Akira possessed many of his original powers, including flight, heightened agility, teleportation, super strength and speed, being able to emit energy bolt from his hands and was able to fuse with anything he chose to do so, which he does so with the Getter 1.


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