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Aleda (アリーダ Arīda?) was a minor demoness who appered in the anime Devilman Crybaby.


Aleda could easily disguised as human when wearing clothes, as her main attire of choice was wearing a fur coat. Removing her coat reveals that her entire midsection is a grotesque face, with eyes forming from her chest, a large nose, a mouth with sharp teeth extending to her crotch area, and gigantic ears forming her shoulders and upper arms. Her hands are long, sharp claws.


as Aleda had long clawed fingers, and the mouth on her stomach had a large set of sharp teeth and a lengthy warped tongue, which she could easily use to snare prey.


as Miko and Kukun were dancing at the Black Sabbath party, but just then a strange woman would walk closer to them. as Kukun doesn't notice but Miko observes her strange movements. In a instant, she takes off her fur coat and reveals her demonic form. It's implied that shortly after she would kill Kukun off.


  • Many versions of Aleda have her somehow connected to the turtle demon Jinmen, the link in Crybaby was debatable, however they did both appear in a close time frame in the fourth episode.