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Aleda in Devilman Grimoire

Aleda is among the group of minor, but frequently recurring minor demons in the franchise. Throughout all her appearances she has some vague connection to the turtle demon Jinmen.

  • Aleda (Manga): Acting as an assistant to Jinmen, Aleda helps him slaughter the passengers aboard the 16:10 Shinkansen, of which included Akira Fudo's young friend Sachiko.
  • Aleda (Gekiman): Aleda serves the same role as her original incarnation in the semi-autobiographical manga.
  • Aleda (Grimoire): Aleda's biggest role to date, she originally serves the harpy Sirene alongside Illuge and Wagreb, though continued to make appearances even after Sirene's death. Notably she kills Jinmen after he had raped and killed Illuge.
  • Aleda (Crybaby): She makes a brief appearance in the fourth episode, and is presumably responsible for killing Kukun. The link to Jinmen is thin, with their only appearances being in the same episode.