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The First Mate was a minor character from the original 'Devilman' manga. He was among the few to witness the powers of God first hand.


He was a tall well built man, with well defined facial features and short light hair with sideburns.


Unlike his brothers in arms, he was well versed in the Bible and recognised the great light as God's wrath, his suspicions proven when he realises the pilot had been turned to a pillar of salt.


Aboard the battleship American Admiral at sea nearby the shores of Russia, the First Mate brought the Captain to the command deck, and informed him that multiple missiles had just been launched from Russia, destined to hit America, much to his horror.

However the missiles end up vanishing into thin air as a great light envelops the entirety of Russia. The Captain orders several jets to go out and investigate, however upon reaching the light, all bar one suddenly spiral out of control and crash. The final plane makes it back to the ship, only for the pilot to emerge having been partially transformed into salt, he crumbles and dies, much to the horror of those around him. While the other sailors look on in horrified confusion, the First Mate realises that the glowing light and salted pilot were a punishment sent from God, in lieu of Sodom and Gomorrah.