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The demon Amon (アモン Amon?) is a major character in 'Devilman'. Whilst he rarely appears in the original manga, having been merged with the human boy Akira Fudo, who ultimately dominates his consciousness, his presence is felt throughout. His character is often described as a mighty though savage demon warrior. In later stories such as 'Shin Devilman' or 'Neo Devilman' his character is expanded.


Amon is a tall, muscular demon, with legs covered in black fur and a long thin tail with a spiked spade on the end. Amon has yellow eyes which depending on the story had black pupils or none at all. He had thin fangs in his mouth and large bat like wings in place of his ears with a bright red crest in the middle, he also had a pair of antenna connecting to the top of his head.


Amon being among the mightiest and strongest of the demons possessed a great and vast array of powers. Even before he gained his demonic appearance he was highly agile, intelligent, and strong. After his transformation, he gained the ability of flight through a pair of wings and his strength intensified. He possessed a vast array of psychic powers being able to detect those nearby and the strength of his enemies. He was able to extend spikes from his wrists that were able to cut clean through organic material which extended to his tail and wings. He could breath fire from his mouth, and fire off a powerful bolt of energy after it builds in power. He could extend his limbs and could breath under water. It is likely that these were only a portion of his powers.


Amon has been described as relentlessly cruel and savage, and also valiant and noble, the truth likely lies someplace in the middle. He was cocky, confident and boisterous, but also relentlessly violent in combat. Many of these traits would imprint on Akira Fudo after their merge, turning the timid boy from meek to a calm and collected warrior. He did show compassion for some people, even having romances with demonesses such as Nike and Sirene. His feelings for Niko is being so strong that a memory of time spent with her nearly woke Amon's dormant spirit within Fudo. His relationship with Sirene is considered one-sided, in spite of what she said Amon only sees her as a close friend with no interest.


During the violent climax of a blood ritual instigated by Ryo Asuka at their Black Sabbath, Amon ended up trying to possess the body of the human boy Akira Fudo, only for Fudo's pure heart to overcome Amon, causing Akira to overcome the demon and become Devilman. This comes as a great shock, even tragedy, to the other demons at the Sabbath, who are all subsequently killed by Devilman.

Shortly after the events of the Sabbath, Akira and Ryo find themselves lost in time, flung to various reaches of history. During one of these short adventures, they encounter the demoness Nike, posing as a Greek goddess on the island of Samothrace. Nike recognizes Amon after Akira transforms, and pleads to the dormant will of her past love to return to her. Nike's words begin to stir something inside of him, memories of the two flashing in Akira/Amon's mind, only for them to be cut short by Ryo, who attacks Nike from behind, decapitating her with a sword. Shortly after the two return to their own time.

Shortly afterwards, the demoness Sirene a former rival and lover of Amon, came to the Makimura household and launched a attack against Akira in vengeance, alongside her minions Ghelmer and Agwel.

Demon Knight[]

In Demon Knight which takes place many years before the start of Devilman, Amon was originally a human knight and served the prince Lucifer alongside his companion Sirene and his pet dragon. One day, demons were spotted in the mountains and Lucifer and his knights were sent to deal with them. Slaying several demons, the group encounters a young girl named Yuria and her werewolf companion Urga. The groups came together to fight the demons but Amon, his dragon, and Urga got separated from the others. Amon and his group encounter Satan, the gestalt form of Lucifer, his Pegasus, and Yuria. Amon questions what happened with Satan explaining that his/her form is evolution, proceeding to forcefully fuse Amon with his dragon and Urga, with Amon becoming a demon.

The events were seen by Akira in his dreams as he explains it to Ryo Asuka. Ryo however realizes this is actually Amon's memory, having had the same dream himself, including when Satan did the act to Amon.


Amon comes from several sources including the Ars Goetia demon Marquis Ammon[1] as well as the King of Judah who was known for possessing an early god complex. The Egyptian God Amun[2] is also sometimes (mistakenly) called Amon.


Violence Jack Shin


  • In Shin Violence Jack, some speculate that Jack is Amon, although this is never stated or revealed. If this was the case, this incarnation has at some point betrayed demon-kind to side with humans, like Devilman in the TV-series. He also references Satan, showing familiarity with him, although he does not appear within the narrative. Jack is assumed by some in the fan base to be Amon in this adaptation mainly because of Skull King being an alternate universe Akira Fudo and fans coming to the conclusion that Jack therefore must be a different person. The fact that Jack's canonical identity is revealed to be Akira Fudo himself in the original continuity calls this into question, especially considering the fact that alternate universe versions of Jack have crossed paths before in the original violence Jack manga. In the aforementioned example our standard Jack encounters an alternate universe version of himself that is less tall and more slender yet still maintaining a sizable stature and athletic build. This occurrence isn't to be confused or misconstrued with the instances of the female Jack and child Jack that are merely offshoots of the same being as primejack in the same universe. The theory is further called into question by the demons of Shin Violence Jack stating that Jack still smells like human even as a demon in hell.