Amon is the demon that was called the greatest hero among the demons who fused with Akira Fudo and is the main character of Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman. He has a different appearance compared to how other series have depicted him, as the design was not owned by the OVA's producers and the copyright cost too much.


Amon is a large red-skinned demon with black fur covering his lower body and around the neck area especially with his long hair. He had a barreled chest and large muscles. He has leathery wings growing out of his back, a pair of smaller but noticeably tightened veins wings come out of the sides of his, and antenna that stick out of the top of his head. Amon has yellow eyes with no irises as well as razor sharp teeth and claws.


Amon is a fearsome and ruthless demon who destroys anything that gets in his way. He harbors a strong hatred against Satan for fusing him into Akira and vies to fight against him when given the chance. He sees many other lifeforms like humans and other demons as weaklings and is willing to beat them even when defeated, dead, or have no reason to fight; eating Yumi out of pure dislike of humans and Devilmen.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Amon has all of the powers as Akira's Devilman form, but much stronger possessing the strength to punch Saylos through buildings and teleport before the opponent can even react. He is able to fight armies of demons without even breaking a sweat. He is able to fly with his wings. Unique to Amon is the ability to dissolve matter and reshape them into what he feels like.


Devilman: The BirthEdit

Amon was summoned during a Black Sabbath ritual held by Ryo Asuka. However instead of taking over the body of the host Akira Fudo, Akira managed to dominate the consciousness of Amon and retained control. Akira became Devilman and then with his newfound powers he quickly slaughtered all the other demons at the Sabbath. 

Devilman: The Demon BirdEdit

Part way through the second OVA, Akira has a nightmare where he is horrified by the image of the demon Lord Zennon. Akira awakens and suddenly realizes that the nightmare belonged to Amon and not him. More of Amon's back story is revealed also, it is revealed that the beautiful demoness Sirene was deeply in love with him. However its unknown if Amon cared for her in any way past her figure.

Amon: The Apocalypse of DevilmanEdit

After the death of both Miki Makimura and her little brother Tare, Akira loses his faith in humanity and accidentally lets Amon regain control. Almost immediately after this happens Saylos and his army come crashing down and offer him (believing him to still be Akira) a chance to either join him and lets his friends Yumi and Michiko live, or have all of them die.

However Amon emerges and destroys the building. Now fully formed he wanders about the wreckage and finds Yumi and picks her up before biting her in half and throwing the rest on the ground. Michiko sees this and screams, Amon goes over to do the same to her however he is suddenly attacked by Saylos' troops all hoping to take the glory of killing him for themselves. Amon proceeds to kill them all in a matter of minutes before confronting their leader. The two have a great battle in the sky, Amon eventually throws a train into Saylos throwing him through a building and lets him fall to the ground. Amon flies down and they continue to fight before he eventually grabs Saylos by the arms and breaks his wrists. Saylos attempts to fight back but is knocked down and Amon punches him through the chest, killing him.

He then finally confronts Satan and fires a powerful purple beam from his hands straight at him, however Psycho Jenny appears and cancels out the attack with a beam of her own. Amon insults Satan but he ignores the insult and shouts for Akira. Amon blacks out and reawakens in a desolate wasteland a stand in for the body of Devilman. Akira comes down and is challenged to combat by Amon, he accepts and the two fight. Whilst Akira succeeds in beating back Amon a bit he is ultimately defeated by Amon who rips off his wing and continues to beat him when he is down. Before he kills him, Amon stops to ask why he even bothered. However at that time Akira has a vision of him lying in a pool of blood next to the severed head of Miki, before switching to him and Miki sharing their first kiss; Akira starts to cry before turning back to the fight.

Amon attempts to land the finishing punch but before in comes into contact he freezes and is held in motion a few moments before being thrown all the way back into a wall. Akira then runs up and proceeds to beat Amon senseless before he is on the ground. Amon manages to ask what had happened and Akira sends images of all those he had cared for into Amon's head before throwing down a final great punch flattening Amon and allowing for Akira to regain full control of his body. After the battle Akira falls from the sky and hits the ground leaving an Amon-shaped crater in the ground where he is discovered by Michiko.


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