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Amon is a minor character in the crossover manga 'Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: BREAKDOWN'. Technically unseen, after having his body taken over by the pure hearted Akira Fudo, Amon's legacy has left his as a figure of worship among the surviving remains of Black Ghost.


Amon stood several meters tall with heavy fur on his legs, long tail and lower forearms. Either side of his neck were two stripes and he had a large set of wings on his back. Two bat-like ears poked out of the sides of his head and he had small antenna on top.


Amon was immensely strong, capable of flight and moving at such speeds he easily matched the cyborg Joe Shimamura's cybernetically enhanced speed.


At a unknown point, though presumably at a Black Sabbath, Amon attempted to merge with the human Akira Fudo, however the humans pure heart overtook Amon and instead bestowed Akira his form and powers, Akira took on the title of Devilman after.

Thousands of years later, Amon's legacy had become something of reverence, and was worshiped like a god by the scant remnants of Black Ghost, a group of surviving Devilmen in the far off ruins of Future Tokyo.