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Amon (アモン Amon?) was a mostly unseen supporting character referenced in Devilman Crybaby. He is shown only once in his original form at the Sabbath Party. He was a powerful demon warrior of heroic reputation and the onetime lover of Sirene, Amon took possession of Akira Fudo during the Sabbath Party orchestrated by Ryo Asuka; transforming him into the titular Devilman.


He possesses a coat of dark fur that covers his entire legs, and he has clawed feet and fingers. His head is covered in hair that sprouts small wings from the sides and antenna near the top, and forms into a widow's peak with a red forehead. His back sprouts large black wings resembling those of a stereotypical devil with a purple interior. He also has a thin monkey-like tail.


As with his prepossession life, much of Amon's demeanor remains quite a mystery. but Based on Sirene's expectations of Akira, Amon was both a passionate, but also rough, almost violent, quite a lover. but beyond this, Amon was true to his reputation both courageous and ferocious in his battles.


Amon was only seen once under his own power at the Sabbath Party, as Amon would possessed roughly the same raw abilities as exhibited by Devilman. These include his superior strength in relation to most demons as well as his versatile regenerative abilities and his innate power to possess or merge with other beings.

Early Background[]

most of the details of Amon's past prior to his possession of Akira was never revealed. All that can be discerned is that he was a reputable fighter and a hero among the demon hordes. He was both feared for his brutality and respected for his bravery. His only relations being with Sirene.


Amon! Now's your chance! Possess Akira! Amon!
— Ryo Asuka invokes Amon

During an underground Sabbath Party, Amon would fuse with the young human Akira Fudo. However, Akira's purity overwhelmed Amon's will allowing for Akira to become the eponymous Devilman.