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Amon in Devilman Grimoire

Amon (アモン Amon?) is normally the name of the demon that fuses with Akira Fudo. Originally an enigmatic figure, Amon's backstory and personality are further explored in later series in the franchise. In some versions of the story, it is Amon's consciousnesses that wins out over Akira's, mostly notably the 70's anime, where he is simply known as Devilman rather than Amon.

As Amon[]

  • Amon (manga): The demon who fuses with Akira Fudo, the lover of Sirene, and a mighty demon warrior.
  • Amon (OVA): A largely sadistic and self centered demon, a very different character from all his past incarnations.
  • Amon (CB Chara): A mighty demon warrior, his design was based on his TV incarnation. He was engaged to Sirene before he merged with Akira.
  • Amon (Film): The demon that merges with Akira Fudo.
  • Amon (Toshin): The demon that merges with Kei Kamishiro to become Devilman.
  • Amon (AMON): The main character of the manga series by Yu Kinutani.

As Devilman[]

  • Devilman (Dynamic Heroes): One of the two main protagonists of the large crossover manga.

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