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The Angels (エンゼルス Enzerusus?) are mysterious creatures that are servants of God. Aside from Satan, they are rarely seen within the franchise, and generally only appear when something important happens.


They were all intersex, and are drawn with shapely bodies, breasts, and penises. They all have blonde hair and massive golden wings, the number of wings depending on rank; the archangels have twelve wings.


The true extent of the angel's powers are never revealed. They were not as powerful as God, but still have many psychic powers and abilities. They can all fly and fire large beams of white light from their hands.



The angels first appear late in the cretaceous era when they descend down on to the earth after thousands of years of absence. However they are immediately attacked by a group of demons, led by Satan who was an angel themselves. The angels flee and fuse together, summoning God who combats Satan. Satan wins the battle, and has the demon race flee into hibernation. It is later revealed that Satan was furious that God intended to wipe out the entire demon race, and fled from Heaven to become the demons' leader.

Much, much later, at the conclusion of Satan's fight with Akira Fudo, many thousands of Angels descend on Planet Earth with God as their leader as part of the plan to rebuild the planet.

Devilman Lady[]

Later in the manga of Devilman Lady, as Akira Fudo and Satan temporarily team up combining their two armies to fight their common enemy, God, who was responsible for much of both humanity and demon kind's suffering, the war's outcome is unknown.

Known Angels[]

  • Satan: The first child of God, they betrayed their father after he attempted to eradicate the entire demon race, whom they later became the savior and leader of.
  • God: The true antagonist of the Franchise, the rarely seen being who is responsible for creating Humanity, the Titans, Demons and other species of life.
  • Archangel Michael: The last main antagonist from Devilman Lady manga series, they showed up at several points often in the shadows. It is strongly implied that they were the twin brother of Satan.