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The Angels are a mysterious race of extra terrestrial beings who follow the command of the even more mysterious God.


The normal Angels, resemble featureless humanoids with both breasts and penises. They have yellow eyes and large wings on their ankles, back, and head. Other, more battle-ready (and possibly higher ranked; or fusions of various angels) Angels had six arms with wings on each arm, six large wings on their back, and four on their head.


The Angels could emit powerful and catastrophic bolts of golden white energy from their hands, able to destroy entire landmasses. They were also capable of flight.


The Angels are seen at the beginning of the film descending down upon the Cretaceous era of Earth. As they do so however, they are ambushed by hordes of Demons who tear the Angels to shreds.

The Angels try and escape, and succeed in wiping out several large areas before fleeing fully into the sky and summon God to come to their aid.