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The Anti-Demon Corps HQ was the central hub of operations for the Anti-Demon Special Corps, built as the last bastion of defense against the threat of the demon race. Built with a weapons store, many holding cells and torture chambers and a machine titled the 'Brain Waves Detector', that would pick up any incoming threats, the castle was a state of the art monolith.


The building was gigantic in size. Combining elements of Gothic castles with militaristic shelters, missiles and radar towers. At the base of the tower, two colossal stone figures, one male and the other female, positioned as if they were slowly being crushed beneath the weight of the building. Weaponry and tech sprout out from the building unaesthetically, giving a bizarre almost collage-esque look.


Built upon an old weapons factory that was missed by the demons' attacks against humanity. It was the main base for humanity's fight against the demon race. The Brain Waves Detector was able to trace any incoming threat to the building allowing the Demon Busters to squash it out. Many people who were brought inside the building for question were never heard from again and died horribly The parents of Kensaku and Miki were brought to the castle after they helped Akira Fudo escape the Demon Busters.

When Akira is told of this by Dosu-Roku, he gathers a massive army of Devilmen to help him in his attack on the Anti-Demon Corps HQ, having decided that the now greatest threat against humanity were the humans themselves. The sheer oncoming number overloads the Brain Waves Detector as the armada approaches, and Demon Busters are sent to deal with the threat but are blown back and killed by their immense force. They succeed in killing a few Devilmen. However, the building finally falls, ending the Anti-Demon Special Corps once and for all.