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Aoi's Step-Father was a minor antagonist in the manga Devilman Lady. He was responsible for the frequent sexual abuse and molestation of Aoi Kurosaki.


He was a tall man of average, unimpressive build. He had short dark hair and hair covering the majority of his body.


The man was perverse, frequently he would molest and abuse his step-daughter, Aoi Kurosaki, never showing her mother, and the woman he married any warmth. In spite of his grotesque nature, it seemed he still had some care for Aoi, worrying about her when he thought she had drowned, little good it did him regardless.


Shortly after marrying her mother, the man began preying on Aoi. Her mother always blamed her, claiming she was trying to seduce her step-father. The abuse gradually worsened over the years, going from molestation, until eventually raping her one night in her room. It was during that harrowing event that Aoi developed a Devil Beast persona. After realising the extent of her newfound powers, she decides to get revenge against her step-father. She invites him out to the beach and tempts him into the water where she vanishes. Then, having transformed, she begins tearing the man to pieces and chewing on his body. The next morning the remains are found washed up on the beach.