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Aoi Kurosaki in Devilman Lady manga series
Aoi Kurosaki (黒崎葵 Kurosaki Aoi?) was a major antagonist in the Devilman Lady manga series, a former rival of Jun Fudo that manages to form with a demon on two separate occasions.


Aoi Kurosaki (Manga): Jun's former rival. She had a poor upbringing and unintentionally allowed for her schizophrenia to form of into a separate demonic entity. Later on she becomes a Devilman for the Human Alliance.
Aoi's Other Self: The shark-like creature formed from Aoi's hatred and abuse.
Aoi Kurosaki (Grimoire): The schools girls team swimming coach and lover of Jun Fudo. She is torn in half towards the end of the manga.


Aoi Kurosaki (TV): Jun's old friend and now working as a swimming coach. She becomes a Devilbeast, forcing Jun to kill her.

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Miki Kuroda: A supporting character in Devilman Crybaby netfix anime series. Her character is seemingly based on Aoi's.