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Aoi Kurosaki (黒崎葵 Kurosaki Aoi?) is an old friend of Jun Fudo from middle school and works as a swimming coach at a gym but became a Devil Beast. unlike her manga counterpart, she was a villian of the week rather than a recurring character.


Aoi Kurosaki is a young woman standing a little taller than most people her age at 22 with light brown hair and eyes and pronounced muscles. As Mamiga, her unclothed humanoid torso is attached to the back of a large shark-like body with her eyes becoming a pale blue while being held in place by a flab of skin with sharp teeth. The shark body has a pair of large arms with a pale blue eyes and sharp teeth.


Aoi is an olympic level swimmer with a solid record until her injury, but her merits got her well known to coach at a gym. As Mamiga, she possesses a large frame that can easily overpower smaller opponents. The main shark body is capable of swimming at a fast rate and its fangs and jaw strength can effortlessly tear through an enemy. The tail can effortlessly smash through concrete and as a bonus there are tentacles released in the mouth.


Aoi is passionate about getting what she wants, whether it was swimming or getting someone who wants to like her. However after Jun rejects her confession, Aoi's passion starts to spiral down resulting in an injury that cost her career. As an adult, Aoi still likes Jun but believes Jun wants nothing to do with her. This only furthered her depression causing her transformation into a Devil Beast that kills whatever approaches her.


Aoi and Jun were very close in high school and after a warm up they met up in the locker room to talk. Aoi confessed to Jun but Jun in a nervous fit rejected her confession. Aoi depressed did badly in her performance and was eventually injured. Afterwards by mutual grief, Aoi and Jun stopped seeing each other. Aoi eventually became a coach at a local gym.

Years into her career her stress began to build up ever since that day and sometimes her Devilbeast form Mamiga killed a few women, leading Jun and the H.A. to investigate. Jun meets Aoi after so many years, but the uneasiness around them caused Aoi to reveal herself as Mamiga as she pinned Jun down. Jun however reveals that she did not blame Aoi for anything but Aoi was already long lost so Jun was forced to become Lady and kill Aoi.

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