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The Aphrodite A is a massive mecha from the Mazinger Z series. It designed and created by Dr. Gennosuke Yumi, based on the designs of Dr. Juzo Kabuto. It was originally built for a symbol for peace but was still often paired up with the Mazinger Z being piloted by Gennosuke's daughter Sayaka Yumi.


A large humanoid mech resembleing a woman, it had a bright colour scheme and a heart shaped cockpit.


The Aphrodite A is used by Sayaka Yumi when a trio of Mechanical Beasts attack the Photon Power Labratory, it is sent out with the Mazinger Z to combat the Mechanical Beasts, Sayaka battles with one of the beasts whilst the Mazinger Z faced the other. After having destroyed the Beasts Sayaka notices the Demonger J5 swoop down, however it is quickly destroyed by the Mazinger.