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Ardnas was a large serpentine demon that served as the main antagonist in the first story of the manga 'Shin Devilman'. He is indirectly responsible for the atrocities committed in World War II.


Ardnas was a colossal serpent coated in flames. A coal black body could be roughly defined beneath the flames with a gnarly, sharp jawed maw at the top.


Ardnas seemed to move like a cobra, with an intent to constrict and suffocate his prey. He also had control over flames, and a resistance to their intensity.


Ardnas was a very smug and arrogant demon, but also one capable of intense pettiness and jealousy, having fallen in love with the human girl Stephanie, and refusing to let he be had by anyone but himself.


Ardnas was a demon present in Austria in the early 1900's, who had fused with and taken over the body of a local Vienna banker and rich land owner named Schultz. At some point he came across and fell madly in love with a young woman named Stephanie, she was married to a soldier who died in a foreign war and seeing opportunity, decided to kidnap her and take her back to Schultz' mansion in the woodlands.

Sometime later, Ardnas learnt that one of Stephanie's old flames, a young artist named Adolf, had drawn a portrait of her. Driven by a burning jealously, he contacted Adolf's manager, a Jewish man named Harnisch and bought the portrait. Paying the pair extra for the speedy service of delivery, Ardnas could scarcely wait till they were out of the door before taking Stephanie out and gloating as he destroyed the portrait in front of her. Adolf witnessed this, after having come back to return the excess money and barges through the door just as Ardnas began to tear the dress from Stephanie's body. Without thinking Ardnas transforms into his true form, accidently engulfing Stephanie is his flames as he did so. Adolf fell to the floor dejected as the demon began to mock him, only for Akira Fudo to suddenly enter the scene. Ardnas begins to quake in fear and is torn in half after a all too brief battle. Akira then vanishes further back in time through the Timeslip, leaving Adolf alone to his thoughts, which quickly evolve into hatred towards the Jewish people. Adolf cuts ties with Harnisch and decides to take a new career path into politics.