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Arlon was Lacock's dress in demon form and served as the primary antagonist for episode 33 of the 1972 Devilman anime series.


Arlon full appearance was exactly as Lacock's dress but with a very human female-like head with short black hair that extended to her neck. She lacks any noticeable limbs, including hands and feet. Arlon's figure and face both resembled that of Lacock's, but her face and neck had a more regular human's color palette.

Powers and Abilities[]

Arlon possessed the ability to levitate freely as well as extend her sleeves to devastating effect, using them to ensnare or lash out at enemies.


Arlon was deeply loyal to Lacock and protective of her, but also reckless. Once she perceives that Devilman's actions have left her General in a tormented state, she is spurred to take action on her own without Lacock's approval.