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The Asuka Residence was the home to Ryo Asuka, his father and their pets. It serves as a major location in the original 'Devilman' manga.


The building served as Professor Asuka's hub for his research into the demon race after he discovered the Demon Mask in Peru. After the Professor's death, Ryo converted the basement into a spacious club room. Shortly after, Asuka threw a party with the intent of holding a Black Sabbath, and pulled his best friend Akira Fudo down there with him after they were attacked by a large group of demons. During the Sabbath, Asuka fuses with the demon hero Amon and Ryo is injured and taken to a hospital.

Ryo didn't return home after that, and it wasn't until the demons finally began their war on humanity that Ryo finally did, hoping to find something that could help Akira among his father's research. Instead, he was attacked by a massive number of demons, spearheaded by the freakish Psycho Jenny, who proceeds to restore Ryo's memories as Satan.