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Atai was one of the supporting characters in the cretaceous era segment of Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman. She also had the demon Tollg fused to her body, who later fuses with Mico.


Atai was a humanoid demon with a mostly human appearance. She was young and had a filled out and voluptuous body. She had red lips, red eyes and short red hair. Atop her head was a crustacean looking demon with its legs dangling down with her hair, her right arm was covered in shell like armor and she had a pincer in place of her hand. The demon Tollg was spread across her body covering her right breast, shoulder and crotch.


Atai could emit powerful dissolving acids from her breasts and crotch thanks to Tollg. She was also incredibly agile and quick on her feet able to manuever around a battlefield, she could also use her pincer for combat.


Atai had a mixed personality, it's implied she was at least bisexual, and was horrified with her distorted body after the demon Tollg had forcefully fused with her body against her will. Because of this she is obsessed with beauty and wanted to fuse with Sirene so she could gain her wings. She also tries and fails at manipulating Kaim to fuse with her also. Over time however she becomes very good friends with both Sirene and Kaim, sadly however her friendly attitude partially leads to her tragic death.


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