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Atrocious (不動明 Kyōaku?) was the second major antagonist in the manga Devilman Grimoire. He attempted to kill Amon numerous times, but has end up in a failure.


Atrocious was a towering demon with slight feline features. He had pink fur and several tails spread across the lower part of his body. He had a spiked white beard and dropped yellow coloured eyes. He had a pair of long blue antenna. On his chest was a large mouth lined with fanged teeth, a large pink furred crest was lined above it and tiny eyes hidden underneath. His original form seemed to resemble a large saber-toothed tiger.

Powers and Abilities[]

Atrocious had an immense amount of strength and sharp claws. He could fly by spinning his tails in a helicopter like fashion. He could regenerate damaged parts of his body and create pocket dimensions.


Atrocious was very ferocious and highly aggressive.


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  • in a Early concept art by Takato Rui depicts Muzan in a far more feline like fashion.
  • Several parts of Muzan's take over of the school replicates Zann/Rasber's take over in the original manga series.
  • In this manga, Muzan's name is changed to "Atrocious".