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Aurora was a light-ray demoness that appeared in Mitsuru Hiruta's Devilman manga.


Aurora had a relatively human appearance. She wore a purple dress with styled arms that gave an appearance of wings and had a white scarf around her neck. The only thing that really sets her out as a demon are her pointed ears and antenna on her forehead.


Aurora's had powerful light ray attacks, capable of blinding or even killing an opponent. She had deadly claws and could run at fast speeds. She was capable of teleportation and had could hypnotise humans with bright lights emitted from her eyes.


Aurora was a cowardly demoness that tried to use Miki Makimura as a shield in her plan to kill Akira Fudo.


Aurora is first seen in the guise of a pretty young girl, looking powerless and innocent as three thugs close in on her. Suddenly she transforms and slaughters them.

Aurora makes her way to the Makimura home and spies Miki, and conjures up a plan to defeat Devilman once and for all. After school Aurora approaches Miki who was standing alone and tries to hypnotise her, but is interrupted by Akira. Instead Aurora grabs Miki and flees to a construction site. Akira makes chase arriving shortly after. Aurora drops Miki off a building before teleporting away and transforming to her demon form. After Akira had caught Miki, Aurora unleashes her deadly light rays, temporarily blinding him. However he transforms and quickly kills the weak demoness, finishing her off with Devil Eyes.


  • Aurora's design is based on a early concept art design.