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Azazel (dubbed in the official soundtrack) is the gestalt form of Set (0018) and the demon Atun.


Azazel resembles Set, with a nude body draped in a white scarf, and a pair of floating angel wings at back of his sides.


In comparison to Set possessed by Atun, Azazel is even more ruthless, bearing deadly powers and a sadistic demeanor despite his gentle appearance.


Azazel retains Set's cybernetic abilities including the Accelerator, as well as his psychic powers but they have been enhanced to destructive levels enough to control lightning as well as manipulate matter to overpower the cyborgs 0014, 0016, and 0017 with relative ease.


After 0015 and Dr. Gilmore activate an anti-energy wave that disrupts the self-repair functions of the High-Teen Number Cyborgs, Atun is in pain but eventually forms into Azazel. Using his powers, he summons lightning to attack all cyborgs below him. The High-Teen Numbers retaliate, but they are all destroyed in the end. He also effortlessly overpowers Devilman and Cyborg 009. But after 0015 is successful in removing Set from the gestalt, Azazel's rampage is stopped and he reverts back to Atun form.


The "Azazel" name refers to a fallen angel from the Book of Enoch, where he corrupted mankind by teaching the secrets of warfare, deception, and witchcraft. He is depicted as the personification of impurity, and also the subject of the "Day of Atonement" ritual, where the high priest would confess the people's sins onto a young goat before releasing it into the wild. Lastly, Azazel is a Hebrew word (עֲזָאזֵל), meaning "strong or mighty mountain", denoting his great strength among the angels, but his name is also possibly connected to the fallen angels Uza and Azael, who both committed the sin of fornication with human women.