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Babo (バボ Babo?) is a character in Devilman Crybaby. He appears in a group of rappers alongside Wamu, Gabi, Hie, and Kukun.


He mainly appears in scenes where he raps alongside his friends. He is not shown to speak outside of rapping.

He appears alongside Wamu, Gabi, and Hie as they search for Kukun, who has disappeared after going to Sabbath with Miki Kuroda. At a clothing store, they spot a boy who looks like Kukun, who then falsely accuses the group of robbery. Babo and the others are held at gunpoint until Miki Makimura steps in and they are let go.

After the society slowly crumbles following Ryo Asuka's reveals the truth of demons to the wide world, Babo and the rest of the rappers are allowed to stay at the Makimura household. When Akira Fudo is exposed as being a Devilman, he is shocked. He is later shown pulling up a car to an armed mob. Babo and Hie aid this mob in attacking the Makimura household. Babo approaches Gabi, who is defending the property, with a knife in hand. When Gabi does nothing to resist, he stabs his friend in the chest. Babo stands with a dazed expression as the other crazed attackers started to laugh and drive more knives into Gabi killing him.

meanwhile as The crazed mob kills off Wamu, Gabi, Miko, and then later Miki. Babo is shown waving around their dismembered remains on pikes in front of the burning Makimura household. Akira incinerates him along with the rest of the mob when he arrives on the scene.


Babo is tall and lanky, having a long face and round eyes. His left eyebrow has a notch. He wears a panama hat and two hoop earrings: small one was gold and the large one silver, and there is a tattoo around his left forearm.

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