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Banyugu was a minor character from the original 'Devilman' manga, never making a proper physical appearance and only being seen as the transformation of his Devilman host.


Banyugu had a large assortment of horns of varying lengths around his head and a sharp pointed nose beneath a pair of small eyes. His maw was large with long sharp teeth. He had large wings and a body that had no legs, instead tipping in a long thin tail.


Banyugu's only known ability was to fly via his large spade-like wings.


Presumably, the demon Banyugu was one of the many demons sent on a suicide run of mass forced merging with incompatible humans, engineered as a scare tactic to cause hysteria among humanity.

However, unlike so many of his counterparts, Banyugu instead seemed to unintentionally merge with his intended victim, who in turn became a Devilman.


  • Banyugu was never named in the original manga, instead his name comes from other materials such as the source book 'The Demon Bible'.