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Baryi was a minor demon from Devilman Grimoire who attempted to forcefully hijack the body of boxer Ryu Tachibana. Unfortunately for Baryi, Tachibana proved to be pure of heart and Baryi instead became taken over by his intended victim, turning Tachibana into Devilman Baryi. 


Baryi had a humanoid appearance with a shiny plated body. He had large bat-like ears, white eyes circled in darkened make-up and two fins going around the top of his head. On his body was a large crest with two eye shaped ovals at the front and his axe-head shaped wings at the back. On his arms was a spike just below the elbow.


Baryi's main form of attack was his fire punch, helped further by his super strength. He would also be able to fly with his wings.


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Devilman Early Design 1
  • Baryi is in fact based upon a piece of very early conceptual artwork by Go Nagai back when Devilman was going the more traditional super-hero route.