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Bassom was a small manta-ray like Demon who had a minor role in the original Devilman.


Bassom resembled a semi humanoid manta-ray, he had round boggling eyes on his head and a large comical grin and two tiny holes as a nose. He had human looking legs with black markings on the lower half and large wings in place of arms. On his chest lay a set of gills underneath them.


The only power Bassom exhibits in his brief scene was the power of flight. Any other abilities are unknown.


After being urged by Ryo Asuka to don the mysterious Demon Mask, Akira Fudo is suddenly bombarded by horrifying visions of demons in the Cretaceous era.

Bassom is seen in a flash back battling against a snake-like demon who coils around Bassom mid flight. Nearby the centaur demon Illigole, pierces the skin of Caskalika with its claws. Who wins the fight of manta vs snake is unknown.

Bassom appears a second time, among a large crowd of devils, as Ryo Asuka explained the origins of the demons to Akira.