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Bau is a large lazy demon who preferred sleeping rather than actual work. He was the older brother of Iyamon.


Bau resembled a large eight legged toad. He had a pair of long twisted antenna, large red eyes and four sharp teeth.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bau was able to create wormholes which he could teleport and hide in. He could burrow underground and ensnare his foes in his tongue and antenna, both of which where extendable.


Bau was a large lazy and gullible demon, but he was immensely protective of his little sister Lyamon.


Bau was awoken by his little sister after she had been summoned by Zennon to kill the human girl Miki Makimura to try and get Devilman to give up. Later after Lyamon had been tightly tied up and stripped near nude by Devilman who then proceeded to whip her, she cries out for her brother who comes quickly when seeing his younger sister in pain he charges at Devilman and chases him around. However the fight is brief and he attempts to hide in one of his wormholes. Devilman grabs his tail pulls him out before cutting off his legs and antenna, and proceeds to set him on fire via the Devil Arrow causing Bau to fall to the ground and slowly die from his wounds. But not before he unties his younger sister from her bounds.


  • Bau along with his sister Iyamon appear as henchmen of Jinmen and the Skull King in Shin Violence Jack. The two temporary merge when fighting Violence Jack.
  • Bau appears as a semi major antagonist during the Devilman crossover in Mazinger Angels. He and Iyamon went about kidnapping pretty girls to place inside the hostage specialist Mechanical Beast Grogos G5.