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Beelzebub was the leader of the Satanist cult working to resurrect Dante.


In his demon form Beelzebub, true to his name, resembles a large fly monster, he has three toes on either foot, four wings, and two plates of exoskeletal armour resembling shoulder pads.

in his human form he looks like a middle aged to elderly man with a goatee and a pointy nose dressed in a red robe.




In Sodom Beelzebub was a professor at a university. On the day of God’s attack Beelzebub gathered everyone he could to hear Satan’s explanation for the destruction of the city. When God divided himself to “turn Sodom into Hell” Beelzebub was seen alongside Dante, Medusa, Satan and Zenon tending to the injured among the survivors. After Dante swore to drive God back into space he and the other’s followed Dante to where he kept his home made combat plane. When they were attacked by one of God’s avatars he and Satan watched as the avatar attacked Medusa, Zenon and Dante with hellfire and marveled as their refusal to let themselves be burned to death allowed them to transform into demons.

In the modern era Beelzebub became the leader of a satanist cult and planted himself into several circles of bible scholars and theologists under aliases such as “Veil” and “Zebub”. After stealing the Holy Grail and Manora from the Duomo he flew to Japan and faked his murder in a terror attack. His body was absconded with by his fellow satanists lead by Pico and revived in time for the Black Mass to be conducted. Saori Utsugi was the intended sacrifice but before he could lay the killing blow the Black Mass was crashed by the God’s Association and Saori was rescued by her bother Ryo.

After the Black Mass he and his fellow demons conveined in an aquarium to discuss the presence of a traitor among their ranks, when Beelzebub revealed that he knew that the traitor informed the God’s Association of their plans and allowed it to happen because he disscovered that Ryo Utsugi was one of them and it was against their laws to use the family of one of their own as a sacrifice.


  • He seems to be modelled after Anton LaVey, a real life Satanist who lived from 1930 to 1997.

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