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Bela was a female harpy-like demon from Episode 23 of the original Devilman anime. She was sent to expand the territory of the Demon Tribe.


Bela was a female demoness, she had pale blue skin and long blonde hair. Her pupils were also blue. She had a tuft of red feathers covering her breasts. She had purple bird wing and dark blue feathers covering her legs and her feet formed into bird claws.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bela was able to fly seemingly not with her wings but in a cloud of smoke and attack with her claws. She could reanimate the dead in multiple numbers and manipulate them. She could also extend her hair and spin it round in what she called her Hair Tornado.


Bela was loyal to her master and had a somewhat macabre fascination with death.


Bela was sent to a town in Tibet under the orders of Demon General Muzan so she could expand the Demon Tribe's territory. She heads over and notices Devilman staying at her targeted village with the Makimura Family. She slowly zombifies the entire village and she sends them to attack Devilman and Miki. Devilman escapes whilst Miki is tied up and gagged where she is taken to a graveyard by the zombified villagers where she is prepared to be sacrificed, Devilman flies into the clouds looking for the source of the attacks and finds Bela. Bela attacks him with her claws but it beaten back so she coils her hair around Devilman and does what she called the hair tornado, however Devilman uses his Devil Cutter to cut the hair, he then grabs her and electrocutes her with the Devil Arrow. Afterwards the Zombies burn up into dust.