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Bela is a demon from the manga Devilman by Mitsuru Hiruta. She fetishises death and takes glee in the murder of people.


Bela was a near human demoness, with long scruffy dark hair, pointed ears and a large bust with a pair of menacing faces on each breast. She had feathers covering her crotch and a pair of large bird like wings.


Bela was able to fly with her wings and emit thick smog around her. She could grow to a colossal size at will and the faces on her breasts have vice-like strength in their jaws. She proved an expert level of skill with her rifle.


Bela was a gleeful madwoman, she obsessed over the idea of death and took great joy in killing them. She constantly referred to herself in the third person and at one stage implied she was a demon queen. She was terrified of the traitor Devilman.


Late one night, Mortician Bela possessed a young female desk clerk, killing the woman as she did so. 

In the morning, having acquired a fetching black jumpsuit and rifle, she begins firing down upon the city streets below, killing at least seven people before deciding she had killed enough for the day and running off.

Unknown to her, Akira Fudo had been present during the carnage in the streets and chased her. After tailing her to a construction site, he knocks her to the ground and steals her rifle. She freezes in fear before Akira begins firing into her multiple times. 

She transforms into her demon form, and Akira turned into Devilman and the two began to battle. Bela summoned fourth a mass of dark clouds before flying up into them. Devilman followed but is trapped in Bela's breast jaws. He uses Devil Giant to grow in size and break free before beating her down and finishing her off with Devil Beam. As she falls to the ground her body ignites in flames. 


  • Bela's design here is based on early concept drawings. While the anime version of the character used a different look, the original design was re-purposed for the demon Naza in the manga.