The Bird-Faced God was a minor antagonist in the manga New Demon Lord Dante, most notable for being responsible for the creation of Adam and Eve.


The creature had an erratic, loosely formed body covered in roaring flames. It had large hand and its face had a beak-like mouth and small eyes.


The creature could emit intense flames from its body and was able to create powerful servants by using the bodies of humans and fusing them together to create personal warriors of the Gods.


The Bird-Faced God was among the many to come down to Earth under the body of the mass alien conglomerate known simply as God.

After God's body dispersed, the Bird-Faced God could be seen rampaging through the city of Soddom. Eventually it came across a all girls school, and tore off the roof. As the schoolgirls fled, the Bird-Faced God cackled and raised its hands, tearing away the clothes of the girls as they got sucked up into the air and fused together into a mass mound of screaming, conscious flesh that would eventually form into the twin titans know as Adam and Eve.

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