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Blemshat was a three-eyed humanoid demon with a large exposed brain, he served under Zennon as a member of the 100 Devils and is perhaps most notable for being the only character in the story, barring his leader, to successfully land a hit on the Demon Lord. He is a minor antagonist in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.


Blemshat was a feignly humanoid demon. He had a large exposed brain with three small eyes and a beaked mouth with long sharp teeth, with two hooked horns aside his head. He had a plated upper chest and large circular pauldrons-like objects on his shoulders and long, gangly arms with sharp claws and webbed wing like attachments. His lower legs are covered in dark fur.


Blemshat's main ability was the fast hardening goo that he launched from his brain upon his death. He could also fly and slash with his claws.