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The Bonds of Hinduism (ボンズオブヒンズー Bonzu obu hinzū?) were a group of six Hindu monks who fused with demons years before the initial attack led by Zennon. Working as something of a psychic hive-mind, they used their powers to help Akira create a Devilman Army.


Like traditional Monks they all wore orange robes and had shaven heads, each of them being different ages, however the most prominent of them sat cross legged, appearing to be the leader.


The Bonds of Hinduism had immense psychic powers, stronger than Akira and his first group of Devilmen combined.


It's implied that the saintly members of the Bonds of Hinduism managed to merge with their respective devils years before Akira Fudo merged with the demon hero Amon.

When Fudo attempted to build a army of Devilmen, he strained with a small group of others to try and summon other Devilmen to join their cause. Eventually the leader of the Bonds lets out a laugh and introduces himself and his guild, before allying himself with Fudo and promising to use their power to summon Devilmen to join Fudo.