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Brucale was a minor impish demon in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'. He was a member of Magistrum's kangaroo court.


Brucale was a small imp-like demon with a long tail and stubby horns.


Brucale was a cheeky devil, constantly giggling and bouncing from place to place.


Brucale was among the demons of Magistrum's court who tried Jeanne D'Arc, plucking her from her own timeline and into their own freakish dimension of the Hellgate.

Brucale could be seen in the company of many devils, including the Armoured Demon, Lamag, Kilcare and others as he wandered the courtroom, constantly cackling away and laughing at her, even piping up with his own disparaging remarks at one point. Towards the end of the trial, Akira Fudo arrived to defend Jeanne and challenged the court to combat. While many demons decided to fight, and quickly die at Fudo's hands, others decided to flee. Brucale was among the second group and could be seen barely avoiding death as a bolt of energy passes below him.