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CB Chara Go Nagai World​, also referred to as CB World, is a 3-part OVA series directed by Umanosuke Iida. It parodies different works by Go Nagai, primarily Devilman and Mazinger with all of their characters in chibi form. It was released from February 21, 1991 to June 27, 1991.


  • Akira Fudo: The defender of humanity and enemy of the Demon Tribe. However he is somewhat perverted and often fails in battle after his deformation.
  • Satan: Also known as Ryo Asuka, he planned to destroy God. However things don't quite work out the way he expects.
  • Miki Makimura: Akira's object of attraction, much to Ryo/Satan's annoyance. Despite her pretty looks and friendly attitude she is quick to anger and incredibly violent. Also an otaku.
  • Sirene: A beautiful bird-like demoness, she was engaged to be married to Amon but thanks to Satan this never happened. This caused her to hate not only her master but the one she once loved. However she makes peace at the end of the series when she hooks up with Kaim.
  • Jinmen: A rude and perverted demon who was sent to try and kill Akira and his friends early on. However this is to put a stop when he is decapitated by Miki and is forced to go along with them for the rest of the series.
  • Koji Kabuto: The hot headed and arrogant pilot of the mighty Mazinger Z, in an unending quest to stop the Underground Empire.
  • Kaim: A large pachyderm-like demon who's love for Sirene leads him to travel across the universe to find her and eventually is able to get with the girl of his fancy.
  • Violence Jack: A mysterious wasteland warrior and protector of all the innocent and good.
  • Dr. Hell: The leader of the mighty Underground Empire; however in truth he is quite perverted, poor, and foolish. 
  • Baron Ashura: Hell's most trusted lieutenant, like Hell however he/she is an idiot.
  • Count Brocken: A sly perverted old man and Hell's second lieutenant.
  • Psycho Jenny: A powerful psychic demoness with amazing powers, she had a crush on Satan and accidentally place Amon's soul in the bodies of both Akira and Kaim.
  • Sayaka Yumi: Koji's girlfriend and reluctant partner, also the pilot of the Aphrodite A. A recurring joke seems to be that she is almost always left out of discussions (which may be a possible reference to her absence in Mazinger Z sequels such as Great Mazinger and UFO Robo Grendizer).
  • God: The creator of the Super Deformed Universe. In this depiction, he seems to resemble a chibi version of Yasohachi Yamagishi from Harenchi Gakuen, one of Go Nagai's older works.
  • Ghelmer: A demon capable of controlling water, he was the housemate of Sirene.
  • Agwel: A small tangible demon that apparently resembled poop.
  • Garada K7: One of Hell's two remaining Mechanical Beasts, equipped with a boombox in it's mouth.
  • Velgas V5: Hell second surviving Beast, able to split his body apart at will.
  • Gamia Q3: A beautiful blonde android with deadly razor hair, she had a fetish for lesbian technology. This OVA marks the first animated appearence of Gamia who, at the time, had only appeared in the manga at that point (this was mentioned in the Liner Notes).

Video Releases[]

In December of 2014, Discotek Media announced that it had acquired the rights for a DVD release of the OVA from Dynamic Productions. The DVD was released on September 29, 2015.[1]

A series of Liner Notes are included which explain some of the jokes and references used within the episodes. It makes notable mentions of older works as well more recent works such as Mazinger The Impact


  • Both CB World and the Devilman OVAs (Devilman: The Birth and Devilman: The Demon Bird) were produced by Bandai, thus featuring a lot of the same staff, as well the original cast from "Devilman" returning to voice their respective characters.
    • A related note; in Akira's room, a poster for the second ova can be found.
  • For unknown reasons, works and characters such as Demon Lord Dante and Cutey Honey do not make an appearence (despite of Cutey Honey appearing in the opening). Demon Lord Dante is most notable in that it is never mentioned nor alluded to, despite of how influencial the manga was in the creation to both Devilman and Mazinger Z.


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